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Google Maps Marketing Service

Are you striving to stand out in a crowded marketplace? Google Maps Marketing may be the best thing you can do for your company. Letting Google know that your business exists is a good start to improving your visibility on the web. By using Google Maps marketing and improving your ranking with Google Maps ranking, you can put yourself in a position to accelerate your business growth. However, that’s easier said than done. But don’t worry, at Relentless Digital we will get everything done.

Google Maps Marketing Service - Relentless Digital LLC

Why does Google Maps matter so much?

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Mobile searches are based on location.

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Local searches are growing 50% faster than overall mobile searches.

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Growth in ‘near me’ searches in the recent year.

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Searchers used the ‘click-to-call’ function directly from the search engine result pages.

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Growth in searches with the phrase ‘best place to buy’ with the applicable product, giving results with locations.

How Did You Know - Relentless Digital LLC Team

Google Maps is undoubtedly one of the most useful tools Google has given to the world, but it’s much more than just a means of getting around without getting lost – it’s an incredibly powerful marketing tool as well.

To put it simply, Google Maps marketing is the process of using Google Maps’ functionality to make your business easier to find. This can be very useful for big businesses, but it’s even more indispensable for smaller ones.

Although if you are viewing this as just a tool about visibility, you cannot be further away from the truth – it’s about positioning and not just that of your store. If used strategically, Google Maps can be your company’s big cheese in its digital marketing strategy.

How does Google Maps Marketing work?

What’s the Point of Google Maps Marketing?

The first type of Google Maps listing is based on your physical location. With mobile search volume increasing, this type of search-result pair is becoming much more common. Just the way PPC ads are targeted and assigned ad positions using the ad rank formula, Google Maps listings are ranked based on user location, with the closest and most prominent “A” position. Positions “B” and “C” are also provided, in case you want other options Many users are suggested to search for businesses near them thanks to Google Suggest, especially when searching from their mobile device. Based on a number of variables, some users may even find that predictive “near me” results are more prominent. It’s almost as if Google wants us to use Maps to find local businesses!

Proximity-based results are common but they’re not the only type of results offered by Google Maps. Not every user shares their mobile device’s location, and thus Maps listings are available for virtually any destination on the planet and not just those which are “near me”. This is when “ranked” Google Maps results are displayed. These results appear on Google Maps when searched for businesses of a certain type in a given location. Here, if your business is in a highly competitive market, which usually is the case, you’d expect to be listed on the top of the result listings if your average customer rating is above all your competitors, right? Unfortunately, that’s not quite the case.


Here’s where the “marketing” part of Google Maps marketing comes into play. Google doesn’t rank these Maps results purely based on customer ratings– so what does it do? The answer lies in how well-optimized your Google My Business listing is, along with some other factors that we will help you with. All you need to do is sit back and watch your business as we make it grow.

In May, Google announced that a range of new ad features would be coming soon to Google Maps, such as Promoted Pins (which can include branding and logos), in-store promotions, customizable business pages, and a local inventory search function. These ads will be displayed in results on the Google Maps app, Google Maps desktop and mobile sites, and on Google.com Expanded Map results.


Handling google maps strategically isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. Setting up your location is just one of the 100 things you need to take care of while promoting your brand via google maps. Our qualified and experienced team is more than happy to assist you in getting your business that high ranking position in no time. At Relentless Digital, we make sure that your business gets the recognition it deserves!

The purpose of Google Maps marketing is not just to improve rank on Google Maps, but also to be placed as high as possible in the local business’ list when searched on Google.