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HVAC Ecommerce - Relentless Digital LLC

The Benefits Of HVAC E-Commerce

People have become increasingly used to buying their products online. From daily essentials to one-time large purchases, you can buy almost anything online with the push of a button. While the HVAC industry is one of trusting relationships between clients and contractors, there’s still plenty of room for an HVAC e-commerce store on your site.

Why Do You Need An Online Store?

Many people prefer the relative anonymity, safety, and convenience of buying online. It’s much easier for customers to simply order a part online and then install it themselves. Even if they do get in touch to get you to install the part, you’ll still lose the profit from the part sale.

By working with a dedicated e-commerce contractor, you can also reduce the size of your inventory, freeing up space and management time. We’re contractors ourselves, so we understand the importance of providing reliable, high-quality service to your new and existing customers.

Need An Online Store - Relentless Digital

What Can You Sell?

You can sell individual parts or products directly from your site to your customer. We handle the fulfillment, and the package will arrive at the customer’s door with your name on the slip.

Many homeowners like the idea of buying a complete system that works out of the box. There are two different ways to sell systems: letting customers customize some of their components or selling an entire system with all the parts already chosen for them. Either way, an e-commerce site can let customers choose their system and leave you to schedule and complete the job for them.

Everyone understands the importance of maintenance, but few owners remember to schedule a service every six months. A dedicated e-commerce page allows them to schedule services months in advance or set up a regular maintenance plan.

With our system, you’ll receive a notification about their service a week in advance, giving you plenty of time to contact the customer and schedule a time that works for them.

E-Commerce Best Practices To Make Your Store

Some E-Commerce Best Practices To Make Your Store Stand Out

While it’s easy enough to set up an HVAC e-commerce store within a couple of minutes, it’s still important to consider how customers experience your site. Adding a few extras and taking the customer journey into account can make your online store easier to use and will ensure repeat customers and more traffic overall.

The danger of letting people buy their own parts is that they’re often not HVAC experts. While they may think that they’ve gotten a great deal on a new compressor, you’ll know that it won’t work with the rest of the air conditioning unit.

Improper matchups result in many issues for HVAC contractors. You’ll have to deal with warranty inquiries and angry customers that will blame you for their poor decision-making skills.

The solution is to have an AHRI matchup checker on your store that ensures that all parts purchased together are compatible or show a warning if they aren’t. That way, customers will have the confidence to shop around and know that they’re getting parts that work well together.

Customers need to have as little friction as possible when browsing and buying on your HVAC e-commerce store. They should have multiple payment options, the choice for the site to remember their details, and clear invoices that outline every cost, including shipping and extra fees.

Setting up an HVAC e-commerce site makes sense. It expands your market, increases your online presence, and builds customer trust and brand recognition. By working with an experienced e-commerce provider, you’ll get all of the benefits of an online store, with very few of the hassles. Call Relentless Digital to find out about the benefits of taking your business online!

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