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Zapier Automation Service

In the era of automation and haste, who has the time to do tedious tasks themselves? While we understand the importance of your marketing activities, at Relentless Digital, we believe in making the best use of the technology available to us. Automation has made it a thousand times easier for us to not indulge in tedious tasks and to focus more on the job that needs our personal attention. It’ll augment your budget by a few bucks, but it’ll also save your time worth thousands!

What Is Zapier?

One of the most googled terms these days is “productivity hacks”; everyone is constantly looking for tools to save time. What if we tell you, you don’t need to engage yourself in the “if-this-then-that” cascade?

This is the beauty of Zapier and your one-stop automation solution. Zap is an automated workflow between your web apps.

Zapier does all your work automatically by connecting all your applications (it features over 1500 apps) so that they can work together without you having to worry about it every single time.

The activities could include

The list contains all the possible combinations of 1500 services, good luck counting them all!

Triggers and actions are the basic functions of the Zap process. As the name itself suggests, when performing a task in the middle of your integrated applications, Zapier triggers the task with point A so that the action is performed on point B.

You can also think of ‘triggers’ like a switch turned on, i.e. Zapping, that causes electrons to go through a wire or Zapier to switch on the light. Note that Zapier only triggers the action to be performed with the selected zap set.

Zapier - Relentless Digital

A SaaS-Y Case

Software as a Service is a business that revolves around HUGE chunks of data which might eventually clog the work pipeline due to inefficient workflow, risking losing leads, data, and information in the black hole. To take care of each department in your company, you need to use the right tools.

The trigger and action features can only take you so far with integrating your apps. For business processes becoming more data-centered, Zapier provides additional features: filters and paths.

These tools are one of the more advanced elements of Zapier. They add complexity to the zap routes, which allows more complex workflow management. There are four auxiliary tools for Advanced Zapping, namely: Path, Filter, Delay, and Formatter.


The formatter assists in the automatic reformatting of content.


The delay option, as its name suggests, gives you time before the action is performed, giving you more control over your zaps.


The filter sets conditions and rules for the zap which are to be followed in its journey to action.


The path similarly opens up additional access to zaps, not limited to just two programs at a time.

These are the features that give Zapier its natural appeal for workflow automation. In theory, this is the reason why every SaaS business uses Zapier these days.

The high-level customization possibilities in zapier are what makes it a success amongst businessmen. Here is a SaaS business example of filtering as per your requirement:

Requirement 1

Suppose you want an update received in your Gmail to be automatically recognized in your Google Calendar.

Requirement 2

However, you don’t want all the emails sent from the specified address to be piled up in your calendar. You just want to add emails titled “security alert”.

Requirement 3

By adding a zap filter, you can automate this process and simply watch your calendar get updated without any manual work on your part.

Why Zapier

You may already have figured out how useful Zapier can be. However, there are some benefits that may not be immediately obvious. If you keep reading, we will go through the various benefits of making your business processes more in-depth with Zapier.

It comes with affordable plans, its versatile nature allows you to access the online application from any location or system. It offers high encryption and authentication security measures, including two-factor authentication.

In Zapier, you can integrate applications like Asana and Gmail, thereby creating Asana tasks immediately from a trigger in Gmail. You can even automate the process of adding new responses from Google forms to a new row created in the Google sheet.

These possibilities of connection are endless.

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