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How to track calls in your Google my Business listing

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Add Call Tracking to you GMB - Relentless Digital LLC

Getting leads from Google My Business is one of the best things that you can do for your local business. But the problem is, a lot of the information inside of the Google My Business dashboard isn’t entirely accurate. 

So, what can you do to make sure you are properly tracking phone calls and attributing revenue to Google My Business? Well, stay tuned, because today we’re going to dive in how to accurately set up call tracking through your Google My Business account.

History of Call Tracking on your GMB listing

Call tracking on your Google My Business profile. A few years ago, this wasn’t a thing. You definitely wouldn’t want to mess with your Google My Business listing, as this could have caused suspension or could have caused havoc with all of the rest of your directory listings online.

However, a couple of years ago, Google started allowing companies to put in secondary numbers so that way you could add call tracking numbers and still keep your NAP consistency, which NAP if you don’t remember, is name, address, phone number, and today also website. Keep that stuff consistent online so that way Google and other search engines can easily read your business information.

Call Tracking Solution

In order to add call tracking, first of all, you need to have a call tracking solution. The one I personally recommend is CallRail. I will put that in the description below. Also, if you click on the video up above, I will take you through how to set up CallRail which includes how to set up Google My Business call tracking.

How do we do this? For the purposes of this video, we’re going to say that we have a call tracking number through CallRail or whatever call tracking system you have. If you have Service Titan and your phones are connected, you can get a call tracking number right inside of your dashboard. So, what steps do we need to take to make sure that this is done accurately?

Add Call Tracking number to your Google Business listing

Google my Business phone number

First things first, I want you to log into your Google My Business listing. As you see on the screen here on the left-hand side, we’ll move over to the info tab. Next, I want you to scroll down to where your phone number is listed. 

Right now, this should be your primary phone number unless you have already done this or done some other sort of tracking in the past. Go ahead and click that phone number, and as you can see, there’s a little blue button down here.

primary phone

It says add phone number. So, what you want to do is make sure you have your call tracking number. You either have that number copied so you can just paste it. I will show you how I go through this. So, generally speaking, what I do to make sure that this is accurate, I will click the blue add phone number. I will copy and paste my primary phone number.

Where to place tracking phone number on your GMB listing

tracking and primary number

That’s the number that I have been building directory listings and citations with. I will put that in the additional phone number category, and then my call tracking number would go here. We’re just going to change one digit as I don’t actually have a call tracking number for this fictitious HVAC company.

Go ahead and click apply, and now you have a call tracking number listed on your Google My Business dashboard. This allows you to see exactly how many calls are coming from your Google My Business listing.

add special power

Why it’s important to properly track your leads

Now that you know how to accurately track Google My Business phone calls, we’re going to dive in how to accurately track them on your website. This is something a lot of contractors get wrong and, to be perfectly honest with you guys, this is something that marketing companies get wrong all the time as well.

So, I’m going to show you how to properly track your website leads so that way you understand how many leads your website is bringing into your business so you can accurately value your website.

Click the button at the top here and that’ll take you to the next video so you can accurately track your website leads. Again, if this information was valuable to you, please like the video. Leave a comment or a question. I’d be happy to answer those for you. And subscribe to the channel so that way you can be notified of future updates. Until next time, stay relentless.