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SEO Services for Plumbing Companies

As a plumbing contractor and business owner, you probably have a lot on your plate. While you realize the importance of marketing your business well, you probably do not have the time to handle all the effective digital marketing strategies yourself.

Plumber SEO - Relentless Digital LLC

At Relentless Digital, one of our strengths is digital marketing for plumbers. We understand that marketing may not be your top priority. That’s why we’re here—to put our expertise and skills to work to provide reliable plumber marketing and SEO (search engine optimization) services for your business.

When you hire our team, we’ll take a strategic approach to marketing your business in a digital space. At Relentless Digital, we deliver results you can see! Read ahead for more information about our effective SEO strategies then visit our blog to learn more about what local service ads can do to improve your SEO approach as a plumbing contractor.

What Is Plumber SEO?

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the practice of increasing the number of visitors to your website by improving your site’s rankings in search engines like Google. Search engine optimization encompasses numerous strategies to increase web traffic, improve your site’s visibility, and bring in new leads that you can convert to customers.

Plumber SEO focuses on the specific techniques that will help plumbers stand out when homeowners are searching for  in their competitive local industries. Typically, plumber SEO strategies help businesses like yours rank higher than the other local plumbers in your area, leading potential customers to hire your company instead of others.

SEO is multifaceted. It involves writing and editing the content on your website as well as adjusting your site’s internal technical elements, such as your coding.

For example, your written content should contain keywords that appear in potential customers’ Google searches, leading them to your business. We don’t just insert those keywords randomly—SEO research has developed a proven method.

Meanwhile, we can make changes to your website’s code structure and other aspects of its design to rank your site higher in the search engine results.

SEO also includes offsite factors, such as backlinks from other websites, mentions in online directories, and reviews on Google My Business. For example, when other plumbing websites link back to your site, your search engine rankings increase.

At Relentless Digital, we use the most reliable, effective SEO strategies in the industry to produce noticeable results for your web traffic and reach.

Types of Plumbing SEO Services & Strategies

SEO consists of numerous strategies that each point toward a unified goal—making your website more visible to potential customers. Here are a few of the most popular SEO strategies that can improve your search engine rankings.

Content Optimization

Content optimization is the process of tailoring the written and visual content on your website to make your site stand out for the search engine. This strategy can include:

  • Using primary and secondary keywords in appropriate frequencies
  • Writing articles and blog entries with suitable word counts
  • Optimizing your meta titles and description tags
  • Creating readable, straightforward content and keeping it fresh

Our team has spent years perfecting our content optimization strategy to produce the most effective results for our plumbing customers.

Web Design

Web design is another essential aspect of search engine optimization. This strategy includes:

  • Making your website mobile-friendly
  • Including sitemaps, or website blueprints, in your design
  • Creating an easy-to-read design and flow
  • Maintaining optimal website loading speed

Implementing these web design elements involves having web-building expertise and programming experience. At Relentless Digital, our web design pros have the skills necessary to create an optimal web design for your plumbing site.

Link Building

Link building is the process of creating backlinks, or one-way hyperlinks, on other sites that link back to your website. When other websites link back to your site, Google views your site as having more authority in your industry, increasing your search engine rankings.

However, the quality, popularity, and relevance of those websites that link to your site are essential. When you hire our team, you can feel confident in our link-building expertise to increase your rankings and web traffic.

Technical SEO

Technical SEO is the process of enhancing the technical aspects of your website to meet search engine requirements. Even if your site contains high-quality, keyword-rich content, it will not rank high if it is lacking on the technical front.

Technical SEO includes elements such as:

  • URL structure
  • Java script
  • Duplicate content
  • Site architecture
  • XML sitemaps

Hiring an expert SEO company is essential in ensuring that your website contains all of the proper elements, including technical ones, to optimize your rankings.

Data and Analytics

SEO analytics is the strategy of taking the raw data from your marketing efforts and determining what methods successfully drive traffic to your site.

One advantage of digital marketing is that you can easily track views and analytics related to your strategy, a process that is much more challenging with in-person ads. The best digital marketing companies know how to analyze this data and change their approach to procure the best results.

What Services Do We Include In SEO?

Services Do We Include In SEO

At Relentless Digital, we take a comprehensive approach to SEO for plumbing companies. Boost your plumbing business’s online visibility with our specialized plumber SEO and plumbing contractor local SEO services, ensuring you’re the top choice for local customers in need.

Our plumber SEO services include the following services.

SEO Audits

Before we can begin implementing our SEO services for plumbing contractors to make your website more visible, we need to understand what we’re working with. The first step in our SEO services is to conduct a website audit that takes an in-depth look at your existing strategy.

Knowing what strategies are currently working for your site and which could use an improvement can give us a starting point to build a custom strategy for your specific needs. Once we complete our audit, we’ll begin strategizing the best solutions to optimize your site.

Competitor Analysis

If you run a local plumbing business, you probably compete with at least a few other plumbers in your area. The next step in our SEO process is to analyze your competitors to know what you’re up against. We’ll take a look at your competitors’:

  • Websites
  • Search engine rankings
  • Ads
  • Written content
  • Unique strategies


We will then use the information we gather to customize our strategy to overpower and outrank the other businesses in your local plumbing industry.

On-Page and Off-Page Optimization

Next, we will implement both on-page and off-page optimization strategies to give your site the best chance of reaching the top of the search engine. A few of our optimization techniques include:

  • Backlink building
  • Customizing title tags and meta descriptions
  • Shaping information architecture


These strategies are just a few of the many ways we put our expertise to work to improve your rankings.

Content Writing

Content writing is a major component of successful SEO strategies. At Relentless Digital, we place content writing as one of our top priorities when building an SEO game plan for our plumbing clients.

Our writers have years of expertise creating high-quality, clear, keyword-rich content to place strategically throughout our plumbing clients’ websites. When you hire our team, our technicians will write service pages, business pages, blog posts, and more using professional language and plumbing-relevant content to point visitors to your business.

Visitor Analysis

Knowing how visitors typically act when they land on your website is essential in customizing their user experience. When you hire our Relentless Digital marketing team, we will implement several strategies to assess visitors’ behaviors on your website.

As part of our visitor analysis techniques, we will analyze form fills, mouse clicks, keyboard activities, and more to determine the path visitors take throughout your site. For example, if we notice that visitors often exit your site before reaching relevant content, we will restructure your site to optimize users’ paths and make relevant content more visible to them.

Monthly Reports

We want our clients to see evidence of the strategies we implement and the results we obtain through our SEO efforts. As a result, we will create monthly reports for you that detail your website’s performance and show statistics about your web traffic and conversion.

These monthly reports can allow you to see how our strategies are benefitting your business and enable us to adjust our efforts as needed to procure the best results for your business.

Who Needs SEO Services?

Any business, organization, or service can benefit from implementing SEO strategies to boost its web traffic.

Today, many people discover new businesses by performing a Google search. For example, potential customers looking for a new plumbing business often search for “plumbers in (city).”

Who Needs SEO Services?

Without search engine optimization, a business’s website will not be visible to potential customers, eliminating the possibility that users could discover the company through its site.

Utilizing effective SEO techniques to increase website rankings is just as important today as placing ads on TV and in magazines was twenty years ago. However, some businesses benefit more from SEO strategies than others.

Here are a few reasons why local businesses like yours need SEO services to remain successful in our digital age.

1.    Potential Customers Search Using Keywords

A few decades ago, you probably searched for a new business by looking in the phone book and dialing the companies you found. Today, however, customers find new businesses through Google searches. SEO can ensure that your business appears in these searches, increasing your brand awareness.

While it is important that your business comes up when users search for “plumbers near me” or “plumbers in (your city),” SEO can also ensure that your website appears when customers are not searching for a plumbing company directly. For example, your website can rank for the keywords “how to fix a leaking pipe” or “what to do about a clogged toilet.”

Using keywords to your advantage is essential in an age where most people discover new businesses through the internet.

2.    Your Website Reflects Your Authority

When potential customers are considering which local plumbing business to hire, they often look at each business’s website to learn more. SEO strategies can ensure that your website looks clean and professional, contains information about your credibility, and shows customers that they can trust you to solve their plumbing problem.

Plumbing companies that do not implement SEO strategies often have unprofessional, outdated websites. Even if these companies use high-quality business practices and have been serving customers for decades, their websites create the impression that their services are unprofessional and outdated as well.

Today, potential customers expect your website to reflect your authority as a plumbing business. If they find any faults with your site, they will have no qualms about moving on to another company with a cleaner, higher-quality site.

3.    Your Business Needs to Stay Competitive With Other Plumbers

Most communities have at least a few different plumbing companies that service the general area. Most likely, your plumbing business is not the only one in your region. Often, new customers do not have any loyalty to a particular company, making them more likely to choose the first one that crosses their path in a search engine.

While including information about your business’s expertise and training can help customers feel more confident hiring you, many potential customers do not necessarily care about your credibility. Instead, they want to find a plumbing company quickly, schedule an appointment, and receive the services they need.

SEO helps make your website more accessible to potential customers who are simply looking for any plumber in their area that is available to help them now. Without SEO, these customers might never even know your business exists.

Benefits of SEO for Plumbers—And How SEO Grows Your Business

How SEO Grows Your Business

Our SEO services can provide numerous benefits for your plumbing business. While you may already understand that SEO can improve your website’s search engine rankings, you may not realize how your rankings contribute to your business’s growth, success, and profits.

Here are a few of the most prominent benefits you can expect to receive when you hire our team for SEO services—and how these benefits correlate to your business’s growth.

1.    Increases Organic Discovery

There are two primary ways to get your website to the top of search engine rankings: through SEO strategies and through paid advertisements. When you search for a business or service type on Google, the first few results are typically paid results with the “Ad” indicator next to them. Companies pay significant fees (called pay-per-click or PPC advertising) to appear in these ad slots.

However, SEO can increase your search engine rankings without your needing to pay for an ad slot. Organic discovery, or natural discovery, occurs when the Google algorithm ranks you higher not because you’ve paid to be there but because of the excellence of your site’s qualities. Organic discovery can reduce your marketing costs and bring potential customers to your business—which is a win-win situation.

2.    Boosts Web Traffic

Bringing users to your website is an important step in converting them into “leads,” or potential customers, and then turning your leads into actual customers. A successful SEO strategy focuses on increasing your web traffic, or the number of users who visit your site in a given time, which in turn brings more customers to your business.

Once users land on your site, they will see helpful information that encourages them to schedule a service appointment with your business. They may read a blog post about why they should schedule a plumbing maintenance service or see a quick and easy form that they can fill out for more information.

However, getting users to your site is the first step. A top-tier SEO campaign can significantly improve your web traffic to bring more visitors to your plumbing business website.

3.    Improves Your Authority in the Eyes of Potential Customers

Potential customers want to hire businesses that they can trust to use the best practices in the industry and deliver reliable results. When users search Google for a plumbing business and land on your website, the content on, and structure of, your site are the only evidence they have of your authority in the plumbing realm.

If users see a low-quality website with inaccurate or misspelled information, outdated blog posts, and a confusing structure, they will equate these elements with your business’s quality. However, when visitors see a clean, professional-looking site with helpful information and a navigable structure, they will feel confident hiring you for your plumbing services.

Additionally, your website is an excellent location to include information about your experience, licenses, and skills in the plumbing industry. We typically include an “About Us” page in every business website we create, where we add information about the business’s credentials, experience in the industry, and success stories.

Overall, your website will either add to or take away from your business’s credibility. Working with our team to implement an SEO strategy can ensure that your site establishes your plumbing authority to everyone who views your web content.

4.    Improves Credibility in the Search Engine

Search engine optimization can also improve your website’s credibility within the search engines through their algorithms.

Google and other search engines want to showcase credible, reliable websites that match users’ queries. As a result, Google has many internal criteria by which its algorithms typically ranks websites that it determines have established credibility and authority. Your website’s backlinks from other websites play a significant role in your credibility in Google’s algorithms.

5.    Promotes Your Business 24/7

SEO is a marketing strategy that works for you 24/7. Unlike in-person techniques that stop when employees go home for the evening or after the budget runs out, SEO strategies continue working even after you stop paying for ongoing services. Your content will remain on your website, and your site will continue ranking, long after you finish working with our business.

Additionally, SEO promotes your business every time someone makes a Google search. Google processes billions of searches each day, and SEO can help you capitalize on all of the searches that relate to your business, whether they happen during business hours or in the middle of the night.

The ongoing benefits of SEO can allow you to continue experiencing growth and success from your SEO strategies without needing to continue paying for these efforts.

6.    Targets Your Desired Audience

Unlike sticking an ad in the newspaper or on a billboard in your city, SEO targets the types of people who may already be looking for plumbing companies.

Let’s say your plumbing business services both residential and commercial customers. Your website could include one service page specifically for homeowners, detailing the residential services you offer and persuading homeowners to hire your company. Your site could also have another landing page directed at business owners and other commercial customers.

Shaping your advertising strategy toward your target audience can provide a better return on those marketing efforts and ensure that the right people learn about your plumbing services.

7.    Improves User Experience

SEO can also improve user experience, encouraging visitors to stay on your website longer and continue learning about your business and services.

If your website is clunky or slow, users will likely only remain on your site for a few seconds before searching for another website that provides a better user experience. SEO ensures that visitors have a positive experience on your site, making them more likely to hire your business.

8.    Invites Potential Customers to Act

Content optimization typically includes creating calls to action and placing them throughout your website. Calls to action are phrases or buttons that encourage customers to act in some way, be it by scheduling an appointment with your company, calling to learn more about your services, or requesting a free online quote.

Without calls to action, customers may visit your website and decide that they do not actually need your services. These tactics give customers the subtle push they need to hire your company, growing your profits as a result.

Relentless Digital — The Best SEO Services for Plumbers

As you can see, search engine optimization is an essential strategy for local plumbing businesses in this modern, digital age.

Without plumber SEO, your business does not stand a chance of competing with the other companies in your area. However, hiring our team at Relentless Digital to enhance your SEO is an easy, effective way to begin implementing these strategies and growing your business.

At Relentless Digital, we provide a range of digital marketing services for plumbing companies like yours. Search engine optimization is just one of the many marketing strategies we can execute to help your business remain competitive and successful. If you’re looking for a marketing agency for plumbing companies, you can feel confident hiring our team.

Contact us at Relentless Digital today at (262) 624-1726 to schedule a consultation with our SEO experts.