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Reputation Management Service

It is said very often that it doesn’t matter what people say behind your back, but that is not true when it comes to your business. After all, no matter how strong your products are, they’re only as good as the buyers think they are. Reputation is neither built overnight nor by accident, rather it grows only if your brand is illuminated under the right light.

What’s Online Reputation Management (ORM)?

A business flourishes under a good reputation. It was easy to cover up a bad reputation in the olden days but in today’s digital age, roles have reversed. With digital media, it has become easier to create a good reputation.

All that demands is a promising product or service and an Online Reputation Management Service like ours.

As clearly as the name suggests, ORM or rep management is the process of shaping public perception of a business or a brand by influencing their opinions by managing content about the entity online. The content may include information, advertisements, user reviews, social media posts and basically every and anything concerning your product or brand. The process involves

tracking, monitoring and ultimately eliminating negative social media material about your brand to improve your name or standing. This builds your credibility amongst your customers, which ultimately strengthens their trust in your brand.

Why ORM?

Rep Management is the only way for business owners to truly make their customers or prospects perceive their product or service as it is meant to be. Rep Management is important for everyone who is in the public eye.

Irrespective of who your target audience is, ORM is mandatory if you have an online presence. While you’re busy marketing your business and spreading the word like wildfire, it is important to make sure that this public information is advantageous to the business. Without ORM, negative reviews are more likely to prevail, thus leading to your business’s graph losing its altitude.

Importance of Reputation management

Why should you take a reputation so seriously? Here are some reasons:

Improve your Search Engine Rankings

Every review in your favor improves your rank on the Search Results. SEO is based on algorithms that promote the business which is rated better than the others. But how do you get the best reviews? By getting popular with a good reputation. As a reward, your SEO visibility automatically increases.

Increasing Customer Trust & Credibility

Your end-user is not the algorithm but the people. That makes it essential to create a brand that is trusted by your customers. Once that reputation is formed, and if you continue to maintain it, your existing customers will spread the word for you. The reason for this is a lot of reviews are available online, but it is up to a customer to decide whether or not to trust those reviews. The customer judges the brand based on its reputation. So positive reviews do help the business grow, but a good reputation proves the credibility of those reviews along with your brand.

Higher Revenues

A study conducted by the Harvard Business School showed that the businesses which tend to have higher ranks on the search results enjoy revenues higher than their competitors by a whooping 5-9% margin. This proves that when your customers make an informed choice, they put their trust in a brand which they find more reliable than their competitors’. So a reliable brand or a reputed brand translates to higher revenue and sales.

Professional Image

It is not common knowledge that proper reputation management can help a business to get improved sales. Improved sales can greatly magnify the brand image of the business. The better your sales are the more evident it becomes to the shoppers that yours is a brand trusted by many others and hence reliable, thus giving you a polished professional image.

How Can Relentless Digital Help You With Reputation Management?

You must be aware that your reputation takes time to build up and within seconds can get tarnished. You just cannot control those factors. And without the right help, you cannot control even the things that can be prevented.

In order to ensure you improve your reputation, there are certain things that we take care of. To be precise it is a 5-step plan:

You should have eyes on what is being said about your brand by the customers, influencers and competitors. Buyers love to read the reviews before they buy anything. A study has shown that 69% of shoppers consult reviews on some site before they buy something.


Now, these reviews can be on any platform depending on where your business is based. For instance, if you are a restaurant, you need to monitor platforms like Google, Zomato, Yelp, etc. If you are in a business involving selling goods, you need your eyes on Amazon, Flipkart or any of the platforms where your goods are being sold. Apart from this, people also resort to social media platforms like Blogs, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc. to vent out their opinions about your business.


If you think monitoring is no big deal, we give you a free hand. However, if you think it isn’t possible for you to monitor them all, so we give you a dedicated team solely for handling your online presence.

It is just gossip if all you do is learn about what was and is being said about you. It is useless until you make use of that to improve your reputation. How that is done is what we call devising a response strategy; the steps to be taken next.


We’re going to look at some best practices for responding to comments in a moment. But first, you need to decide how you’ll go about doing so.


There are multiple scenarios:


The appreciation comments, constructive criticisms, suggestions, negative reviews, positive reviews and sometimes somethings beyond prediction. We can respond to a few of them, but not all, because we don’t know the business in and out. But you do. So we list out detailed reports containing issues requiring management level attention every month, with potential solutions.

You cannot ignore bad comments. They’re public and probably out there decreasing your customer count.


Maybe you cannot change what happened but responding to it gives you a chance to clear the air. According to Reputology’s survey, 80% of unhappy customers were won over with the right response. What is the right response? Polite. Professional. Friendly.


Another major factor is the speed of response. Sometimes even quickly acknowledging the customer can reduce their dissatisfaction, even if you come up with the resolution much later.


Now there are multiple platforms where the reviews are posted and even more users who post them, responding to all of them isn’t your job. Your job is to improve your business and let this be handled by Relentless Digital’s expert team.

We not only try to resolve the issues of your customers but also formulate reports containing suggestions and improvements that can be made to ensure better customer satisfaction in the future.

Remember, “you build your reputation on positive criticism, so encouraging it is a must”. If you are sure your customer had a good experience, his positive reviews can be very helpful in generating leads for you. It is your job to ask for feedback and it’s our responsibility to make the most of it. Our other services like SEO and GMB help your business grow from these small yet important positives.

We believe that a feedback loop lets you get a better insight into how your customers perceive your business. Collecting feedback from your customers and monitoring their behavior enables us to constantly make improvements to our algorithms to better fit your needs. At Relentless Digital, we guarantee an ever-growing improvement in your reputation online.

Why Should You Trust Search Engine Optimization?

With the help of Relentless Digital, we can optimize the web traffic of your page and boost your business. Our employees will ensure that your website becomes a good search engine optimized page and has quicker, long-lasting benefits. With our SEO techniques, we can guarantee that your website will flourish. We also assess what your competition is like in your field and form an analysis so your page can outshine them. We can assure you that after our optimization techniques, there will be an increase in:

SEO Services Offered By Us:

At Relentless Digital, we serve you with the best Search Engine Optimization techniques that will lure users to your website, increasing your traffic and substantial leads.

SEO Audit and Strategising

We take an in-depth look at your current strategy. We evaluate your website from the optimization perspective, finding loopholes to correct.

Analysis of Competitors

We discover your online as well as offline competitors and assess their websites and strategies to overpower them and enhance your website and business accordingly.

On and Off-Page Optimization

We shape your backlink profile, update title tags, meta descriptions, maintain a good information architecture, and many other services to increase the quality of your content in order to obtain higher rankings.

Best Quality Content Writing

Our technicians have years of expertise and produce high-quality content that is user friendly and increases your ranking.

Visitor Behavior Analysis

We assess the user’s behavior on your website with the help of form fills, keyboard activities, mouse clicks, and more of the like. This regular assessment enables us to reconstruct our ways and benefit the website.

Monthly Reports

We keep track of the performance of the web page and obtain statistical representations of traffic and conversions. These reports are grounds for us to enhance the efficiency of the website and boost your business.