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LSA management for HVAC contractors

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Google's LSA management for HVAC companies

Getting your name in front of the right prospects as a local HVAC business can be challenging. Your business success relies on more than just generating as many leads as possible. To attract the right kind of leads to your company, you need to target those local consumers who currently need the services you provide.

Google's LSA Management For HVAC Companies

At Relentless Digital, our marketing agency can help your HVAC company attract qualified leads and significantly grow sales through Google’s Local Services Ads (LSA) platform.

Some digital marketing strategies focus on getting a business’s name out to as many people as possible, but this method can prove costly. Instead, investing in LSA management for home services professionals helps local businesses bring in more customers without paying for unqualified leads.

Trust your Local Services Ads program to our Relentless Digital marketing experts to reach more local customers in your area and book more clients for your HVAC services.

What Are Google Local Services Ads?

When local customers search Google for a heating and cooling company, the algorithm brings them to a Google search results page (SERP). Local companies matching the search are at the top of this page, marked as Ads, with a list of organic listings below. These top-page local listings are pay-per-lead Google Local Services Ads.

Internet users often choose local home-services companies based on these Local Service ads, so if customers don’t see your company’s name, you’re missing out on many qualified leads within your service area. As a home services professional, you must consider LSAs to make the most of your digital marketing efforts in today’s internet-driven world.

LSA Management for Your HVAC Company

Most local service businesses don’t have time to run their own effective Local Services Ads campaigns in addition to managing employees, on-site projects, and other business operations. As HVAC contractors, your team probably deals with tight schedules and off-hour emergency calls, so leave your Local Services Ads to us. Our LSA management services can help you:

Set Up a Profile

We'll create your Local Services profile and manage your Google Local Services Ads. The profile process includes filling in business information, such as the address, phone number, hours of operation, and service area. We can also help you fill in your Google My Business profile, where customers can find your information and leave online reviews of your services. These reviews become relevant to your Google LSA strategy because they affect your business's ranking.

Create and Monitor Ads

Once we've completed your profile, we can create your first Local Services Ad using particular keywords and market research. We'll help you target the local market and compete against competitor HVAC contractors using strategies specifically tested for the heating and cooling industry. We'll monitor ad performance and use A/B testing to find the most effective ad campaign to help your business.

Review and Dispute Leads

Because you only pay for valid leads using Google's Local Service Ads, reviewing these prospects becomes necessary to avoid overpaying. Our digital marketing professionals will analyze your LSA leads to find and dispute the unqualified ones. For example, if a customer clicks on your ad accidentally and immediately clicks away, or if they cannot afford your services, they are not a qualified lead.

Become a Google Guaranteed Businesses

Google Local Services Ads include badges, the best being the Google Guaranteed. When potential customers see the Google Guaranteed badge, they know Google considers your company to be trustworthy enough to offer refunds up to a specific amount. That's why it's called the "Google Guarantee."

LSA aids in reputation management because internet users trust the Google Guarantee badge. They know it means Google has checked your business license, insurance, certifications, and other relevant information to ensure that your company offers legitimate service. We'll guide you through the application process to get your Google Guaranteed badge.

Our LSA management services will help you attract new customers. Our marketing pros also specialize in other local service industries.

Frequently Asked Questions About Google LSAs

Since Google’s LSA advertisement platform has only been around for a few years, many business owners hesitate to try it. Read on as we answer some of the most common LSA questions to help you better understand the benefits of this platform.

Local businesses in countless service categories use Google Local Service Ads to attract more customers. Using Google LSAs for lead generation provides many benefits, by enabling you to:


  • Attract more leads to your HVAC business without paying for unqualified leads
  • Improve brand awareness by getting your name in front of more potential customers searching in your area
  • Only pay for quality leads: some paid advertising platforms charge per click, but LSA is a pay-per-lead platform
  • Make more sales to the increased number of qualified leads coming your way
  • Grow your business by getting more leads and sales and becoming a leading local HVAC service provider

Many HVAC contractors rely on word-of-mouth marketing for lead generation, but more and more potential customers find local services through online searches, not personal referrals. When you invest in LSA management services from our team at Relentless Digital marketing agency, your HVAC company will bring in new business that you may have otherwise missed out on.

Google offers two paid advertising platforms: Google Ads (formerly Google Adwords) and Google Local Services Ads. Both platforms allow businesses to position their ads on the top page of Google SERPs, the most popular among all search engines. Unlike LSAs, Google Ads uses a pay-per-click (PPC) model where the advertiser pays every time a user clicks on the ad regardless of conversion.

Many heating and air conditioning businesses find pay-per-lead LSAs more affordable than pay-per-click because they don’t pay for every click, just for qualified leads.

Several circumstances create valid leads, including when a potential customer:

  • Calls you during business hours and talks to you for longer than 30 seconds.
  • Receives a call back from you within 24 hours of a missed call.
  • Requests more information via text message or by clicking on your digital ads.
  • Receives a response from you regarding such requests.
  • Contacts you in another way for information or to schedule services.

Most simply, a qualified lead is interested in your services before they open the Google homepage. LSAs help these leads find you.

The average business pays approximately $50 per lead through this paid advertisement platform, but the amount varies. Your cost per lead will depend on your business’s services, location, and competition within your service area. We’ll make sure we’re getting optimal conversions without exceeding your budget.


$50 may seem steep compared to pay-per-click rates, but many businesses spend less on lead generation using LSAs over PPC ads.

Let Relentless Digital Manage Your Google Local Service Ads

Your HVAC company can reach qualified leads and turn them into new customers through Google Local Services Ads. Let our digital marketing experts at Relentless Digital manage your Local Services Ad campaign to discover the benefits of this pay-per-lead platform. We specialize in LSA management and other digital marketing services for HVAC companies.

We can help you with local SEO for HVAC professionals, teach you about integrating Google Maps with Local Service Ads, and offer other marketing services to generate HVAC leads and fill your sales pipeline.

Call us at Relentless Digital at 262-393-4241 today to learn more about targeting local search traffic through Google LSAs.