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Google Local Service Ads

Google Local Service Ads can help you target new customers in your service area. Let our Relentless Digital marketing agency experts help you manage your Google Local Services Ads to generate real leads and get you more business.

Your marketing strategies need to include getting customer calls from your service area. Google Ads are pay-per-click or PPC ads that may not always target local customers. With Google Local Services Ads, you can have an interactive local services profile that gets you valid leads.

At Relentless Digital, we help business owners rank highly in organic search results with local SEO services. We also help get leads for your local business with Local Services Ads featuring the Google Guarantee badge.

Our Google Local Services Ads Management

You’re busy running your company. While you could spend long hours researching how to implement Local Services Ads on Google, you would probably rather spend that time focusing on daily operations and planning for growth. Contact us at Relentless Digital to manage your Google Local Service Ads.

Our Google Local Services Ads for plumbers‘ services include:

Profile Setup

Let us create your profile on the Local Services platform, where you can manage your Local Services Ads. Your profile will include information about your business, including your business’s location, contact information, service areas, operating hours, and more.

Ad Creation

We will create Local Services Ads for your plumbing services, which will feature the Google Guarantee Badge verifying your company and services. The Google Guaranteed Badge will also help your business page appear above organic listings for businesses that don’t use Google’s Local Services Ads.

Google Ads Tracking

See where your plumbing business advertising investments are paying off with tracking. Make sure your monthly budget generates the leads you need to get new business from potential customers.

Lead Review and Dispute

Google’s Local Service Ads charge per lead from real customers. Rely on our team at Relentless Digital to help you monitor your incoming leads and verify that a review was a real customer or that a phone call lead was an actual person. We can help you dispute the validity of a lead so that you don’t pay for invalid leads.

Your plumbing business relies on search result leads to grow as you try to reach new potential customers in your service area. A professional digital marketing agency like Relentless Digital can help you manage your Google Ads profile so that you stay relevant. You can also use Local Services Ads for plumbers to remind previous customers about your plumbing company and get repeat business.

Let Us Help You Reach Local Customers

Relentless Digital is an SEO company dedicated to service industry businesses. We offer a range of services to help your website rank highly with search engines. Let us help your business manage your Local Services Ads to rank your page higher than your competitors.

Become A Google Guaranteed Business

Become A Google Guaranteed Business

When you sign up for Local Services Ads, your page will receive a Google Badge as a Google Guaranteed Business. Customers searching for your services in your area will see your Google Guaranteed status as a verified plumbing business provider of plumbing services.

When our team at Relentless Digital develops Local Service Ads for plumbers, we know the Google Guaranteed Badge is essential for getting new leads from customers in your service area. If your competitors already have the Google Guaranteed Badge on their pages, you’re trying to compete without verification from Google.

Customers will probably choose a highly rated competitor that has Google verification over your unverified business, even if you have the highest rating in your area. Get the Google Guarantee Badge when you set up a Local Service Ads profile.

Google Local Service Ads

Google Local Service Ads Are More Effective Than PPC Ads

Pay-per-click ads charge for each click on your ad. Clicks may not always turn into leads, though, which means that you could pay for ineffective advertising.

Local Service Ads from Google only charge for valid leads. A valid lead includes those times when:

  • A call from one of your Local Service Ad customers during regular operating hours lasts longer than 30 seconds
  • You call a customer back after a missed call within 24 hours of the missed call
  • A customer clicks to request more information from your Local Services Ad
  • A customer texts from your Local Services Ad requesting more information or to book an appointment
  • You respond to a request for more information via text or email
  • A customer uses other contact methods for relevant information or to schedule a visit for services through your Local Services Ad

Additionally, you can dispute the validity of a lead and contest paying for a lead. So if a third-party warranty company contacts you through your Local Services Ad for a B2B call, you can dispute the validity and not pay for the invalid lead.

Rank Higher On Google Search Results

Rank Higher On Google Search Results

Customers will often call one of the first three businesses that appear at the top of the results page for a search of “business near me.” Let our team at Relentless Digital manage your Local Services Ads as part of a suite of digital marketing strategy options we provide you.

Besides Google’s Local Service Ads, we can help your company rank higher on the search returns pages by using our local SEO services. We can combine your Local Services profile management with your Google My Business management to provide a comprehensive Google marketing service for your company.

Discover how Relentless Digital can support business owners in effectively managing their marketing efforts, empowering you to prioritize what truly matters: running your business.

Working With Relentless Digital

Call Us At Relentless Digital Marketing Agency Today

A sound marketing strategy includes several opportunities for local businesses to reach potential customers in their areas. A mix of Search Engine Optimization and paid search engine advertising like Googles Local Services Ads can take your plumbing website to the top of your local online visibility rankings.

At Relentless Digital, we specialize in helping businesses like yours reach customers in their service area. 

For professional management of your company search engine results with Google Local Services Ads, contact our professionals at Relentless Digital at 262-947-4652.

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