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Marketing During COVID-19 What to Consider in Going Digital

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Marketing During COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has permanently changed the way businesses work, for better or worse. The quarantine period has forced most companies to scale down their operations to a minimum or forced to close down indefinitely just to survive. Traditional forms of business transactions and marketing practices have been limited, especially with the fear of contracting the disease through public gatherings and face-to-face interactions going around. Because of this, both consumers and service providers alike have shifted their attention towards digital mediums to conduct and partake in businesses.

Shifting to Digital Platforms

Besides being a healthcare crisis, the coronavirus pandemic has dealt a massive blow to the global economy. Marketers are struggling to rehash their planned campaigns to adapt to modern sensibilities. Digital marketing now serves as the potential remedy to speed up the recovery of the economy and save businesses from shutting down.

If you’re having a hard time developing a marketing plan during this crisis, here are three guidelines that you should consider.

1. Strategize for Present and Future Economic Climates

Now is the perfect time for your brand to invest in your online visibility. Although you may have had to let go of your pre-planned marketing campaigns, you should turn your focus on being reactive rather than being proactive—for the time being at least. This will allow you to make the necessary marketing moves that will benefit your company the most during this period.

Stay updated with the changes in economic trends and national policies. Your brand shouldn’t just offer services and products, but also informative content that can be value-adding in these terrifying times. Re-focus your marketing campaigns to respond to current developments in the global crisis. This allows your customers to easily recall your brand by showing that you’re involved in the process of restoring the economy.

While you’re staying vigilant in responding to current events, you should also consider making preparations for a post-COVID-19 market. There’s a high chance that businesses will still maintain the same business models for safety. Nevertheless, you should make plans ahead of your competitors so that you can face the reopening of the economy with a pragmatic action plan.

2. Stay Visible on Social Media Feeds

With many brands investing in social media platforms and creating online websites to connect with a broader audience, business owners have seen the potential of digital as a method to increase the company’s reach. This is an excellent opportunity for you to connect with your customers on a deeper level.

Make sure your customers can feel your presence on their social media feeds. Besides publishing content targets for your services, promote solidarity during these trying times to your customers. Research on local communities that may need your services to show that you’re willing to take the extra step in making a difference.

3. Adapt Your Business Models

The popularity of digital transactions has seen a growing trend in recent years, even before the pandemic arrived. Websites can now have dynamic interfaces that can’t be replicated through face-to-face interactions. This includes the use of automated chatbots to make the purchasing processes easier for your online visitors.

Make sure that you take the time to adapt not just your marketing strategies, but also your business models to fit the modern consumers’ needs. The more optimized your processes are, the easier it is for your word-of-mouth marketing to improve your sales figures organically.


Since businesses are functioning on limited budgets, digital marketing has been a successful strategy in providing a cost-efficient solution in maintaining their company’s operations. With more people online than ever before, people’s consumption and dependence on digital media will be the key to saving the economy and healing the damage that the pandemic has dealt to it.

If you’re looking for the best digital marketing agency in Wisconsin , Relentless Digital can guide your business in figuring out solid marketing strategies during this time of crisis. Get in touch with us today, and we’ll collaborate on the most effective marketing plan for your company’s needs.