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Navigating the New Google LSA Updates: A Comprehensive Guide

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The digital landscape is ever-evolving, and staying updated is crucial for businesses aiming to stay ahead. Recently, Google announced some pivotal changes to its Local Services Ads (LSA) platform. In this post, we’ll break down these updates and offer insights on how to adapt and thrive, especially if you’re into LSA marketing for plumbing companies.

1. A Shift in Top Listings

Previously, Google LSA displayed the top three service providers. Now, they’ve narrowed it down to just two. This change is designed to enhance the visibility of those in the top positions, ensuring businesses get higher-quality leads.

Takeaway: If you’re aiming for a top spot, now’s the time to double down on your optimization efforts. With fewer spots available, the competition will be fiercer.

Here’s what this looked like previously:

And Now:

2. The Round Robin System

The list of top providers has been reduced from 50 to a more exclusive 20. Moreover, these listings will rotate more frequently, ensuring each provider gets their time in the spotlight.

Takeaway: Lead responsiveness will be crucial to having success with this update. Answer all of your leads quickly and have systems in place to answer them on your office’s “off hours”.

3. Profile Suspension Protocols

Any changes made to your LSA profile will now result in a 24-hour suspension. This is to ensure the quality and accuracy of information provided to users.

Takeaway: Plan your updates carefully. It’s essential to minimize downtime and ensure your visibility remains consistent.

My recommendation is to make these changes at night, near end of the week, or whenever the least busiest time of the day or week is for your business, so there is minimal downtime.

4. Caution with Rapid Changes

Making three or more adjustments to your profile within an hour could lead to a suspension that requires intervention by a Google LSA representative.

Takeaway: Be strategic and deliberate with your changes. Rapid, unplanned adjustments could lead to unforeseen suspensions.

Do NOT just change things for the sake of “shaking things up”. If you want to continue to getting leads on the Local Service Ads platform, you’ll need to be smarter with your updates.

5. The Importance of Message Responsiveness

Google is placing a stronger emphasis on how businesses respond to message leads. Quick and effective communication will play a pivotal role in your listing’s performance.

Takeaway: If you haven’t already, enable message leads for your HVAC business and ensure you have a system in place for prompt responses.

One way to ensure your message leads are answered quickly is by adding other team members to the listing management system and by downloading the LSA mobile app.

6. Nationwide Implementation

These changes are not limited to a specific region. They’re rolling out across the country, with many areas already seeing the updates in effect.

Takeaway: Stay informed and monitor the changes in your region to adapt swiftly. Check your listing regularly by searching for yourself with incognito mode on.

If you would like to test how you rank in other cities, use the gs location changer Google Chrome extension.

This extension masks your IP, so you can search as if you are sitting in another city performing a search.

7. Mobile LSA Updates

As of now, there haven’t been significant changes observed on the mobile platform. However, it’s always good to stay vigilant.

Takeaway: Keep an eye out for mobile updates and be ready to adapt if and when they come.

8. Potential Impact on Advertisers

Some initial observations suggest challenges for advertisers using LSAs. However, with the right strategy, these changes can be turned into opportunities.

Takeaway: Stay proactive. With a well-thought-out approach, you can navigate these changes effectively and continue driving quality leads.

Conclusion: The Google LSA landscape is changing, but with the right knowledge and strategy, businesses can continue to prosper. Stay informed, be adaptable, and consider seeking expert guidance to make the most of these updates.

If you would like to speak to our team of LSA experts, schedule your strategy session today.