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Top 10 Telltale Signs You Need a New Website

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Josh Crouch - Relentless Digital LLC

Author's Bio:

Joshua Crouch, a regular on the Service Business Master podcast, is renowned for his insights on service-based businesses. 

An active member of industry groups, he’s at the forefront of emerging trends. As a recognized Google Business Expert, Josh drives growth for Relentless Digital’s clients.

Signs You Need A New Website

Many contractors have discovered how important digital marketing is to their business success. As more and more people turn to the internet to find plumbers, HVAC specialists, and electricians, you need to do something special to stand out from the crowd and succeed online.

As part of your digital marketing efforts, it’s likely that you’ve designed a beautiful website that attracts new customers, builds trust, and promotes your company as an industry leader in your area. You may even have used an HVAC web design agency to ensure that you have the best possible site for your services.

However, even the most regularly-maintained, slick website will eventually show its age. If you’re concerned about your website’s performance dropping, it may be time to consider a website redesign.

How Often Do You Need a New Website Design?

The digital world moves fast, and as a rule of thumb, we usually recommend evaluating and redesigning your current website every three to five years. Not only do web design trends change, but you also need to factor in the changes to social media channels and how search engines view and rank your site.

At Relentless Digital, we recommend keeping an eye on older websites and taking action as soon as you notice issues, either via feedback from the website’s visitors or from a drop in performance.

10 Signs You Need a New Website

Ignoring the warning signs of an aging site can lead to a business website that doesn’t perform well and can even be a detriment to your business and reputation.

1: You Don’t See Your Site on Search Engines

The key to promoting your business online is visibility, which means ranking highly in search engine results pages. Research shows that most customers don’t even go to the second page of search results, and a full quarter of potential customers only click the first search result.

Every aspect of your current site influences your search engine ranking, from excellent content to user experience and even website navigation. Keeping up to date with the latest SEO trends and adjusting your site is essential to staying on top.

2: It Looks Dated

Websites need to look good to entice prospective customers. Unfortunately, website trends change rapidly, and what was appealing two years ago may not appeal to current website visitors. And since a good first impression is vital to build trust, how your site looks has a huge impact on its performance.

3: Your Website Isn’t Mobile-Friendly

Most people will access your website from a mobile phone, and if your site isn’t mobile-friendly, they will leave. Google’s algorithm also prioritizes how your site displays on mobile devices, so having a mobile-friendly website is essential to maintain a high Google ranking.

4: It Takes Forever to Load

People are impatient, and a slow website is a surefire way to drive users away. Factors that can influence your website loading speed include:

  • Your hosting provider
  • File compression
  • Broken links and excessive redirects
  • Unused or unoptimized code

Having a responsive website will have a positive effect on your bounce rate while also making it more user-friendly and accessible, leading to more leads and conversions.

5: You’re Falling Behind the Competition

Even if you aren’t interested in keeping up with trends, you can rest assured that your competitors are. If your competitors’ websites offer a better user experience and look better than yours, you will have fewer chances to reach and attract your chosen target audience.

Use Google to keep an eye on other websites in your area to see how you compare, and if you aren’t keeping up, consider a redesign.

6: Your Website Isn’t Secure

Google has started prioritizing security, and at the bare minimum, your site should have an SSL certificate to protect user data. If you use a content management system, be sure to install any updates to prevent security flaws that attackers can exploit.

7: You Use Outdated Technology

Using Flash or other outdated technologies for website elements can dramatically affect your SEO ranking and limit your business potential. These unsupported plug-ins slow down your website, create a poor experience for mobile and desktop users, and instantly age your website. And if your website feels old, chances are customers will think your services are outdated as well.

8: You Can’t Add New Website Content Easily

Creating high-quality content is a cornerstone of good digital marketing. Often, a dated website will have dated content that doesn’t align with modern keyword research best practices, which can drive away business and alienate existing users.

However, adding content may not always be easy. If your website can’t update content (either due to poor coding or because you’re using a CMS or template), you may need to create a completely new website that focuses on ease of use and flexibility.

9: Your Website Doesn’t Support Other Channels

Websites must support business goals, and having other pages and a social media presence can increase your visibility and the effectiveness of your marketing strategy. If your website can’t link to your company social media account, or you have a brand mismatch between channels, it may be time for a new website.

10: Low Conversion Rate

Getting eyes on your website is only the first step in increasing sales — you also need to close the deal. Inefficient landing pages, lack of form fields, and poor calls to action can all impact your conversion rate, and a new website should incorporate landing page optimization practices.

Get the Most Out of Your Digital Marketing with a New Website

Developing a new website can breathe new life into your contracting business. However, with so many misconceptions about web design, you need to be very careful about the web designer you work with.

Relentless Digital has extensive experience working with contractors, and we will help you design a website that fits with your existing and future marketing goals. If you want to take your business to the next level, call us at (262) 393-4241 or visit our website to schedule a consultation today!

Josh Crouch - Relentless Digital LLC

Author's Bio:

Joshua Crouch, a regular on the Service Business Master podcast, is renowned for his insights on service-based businesses. 

An active member of industry groups, he’s at the forefront of emerging trends. As a recognized Google Business Expert, Josh drives growth for Relentless Digital’s clients.

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