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Tips for writing great blog posts that increase your site traffic

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Writing Great Blog Posts

The most important thing to create unique and fresh content is to write about something you know.  Brainstorm some ideas you discuss with your clients on a regular day and start writing short little idea topics.  If you’re stumped, use your next best friend, Google, to research topics and content to spark additional ideas.

writing great blog posts that increase your site traffic

Speak to your audience

You know your audience better than anyone else, so keep them in mind as you write your blog posts. Think about it this way, pretend you are talking to a client and explaining something to them, such as, Hi Chris, and then just remove the Hi Chris part.

Take a few moments to plan your post

Once you have a great idea for a post, write the first draft. Some people like to start with the title and then work on the paragraphs. Other people like to start with subtitles and go from there. Choose the method that works for you.

Add a sharp looking image

Be sure to include a few high-quality images in your blog. Images break up the text and make it more readable. They can also convey emotions or ideas that are hard to put into words.

Edit carefully before posting

Once your draft is finished, put the blog post away for a few days. Go back and re-read it.  You’ll probably find a few things you want to add, and a couple more that you want to remove. Have a friend, colleague or significant other look it over to make sure there are no mistakes. When your post is error-free, set it up in your blog and publish.