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27 2023 Web Design Trends That Home Service Contractors Should Adapt

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No matter what industry you’re in, your website is the key to generating leads and getting new customers. Consumers who need the services you offer search Google for companies like yours, and the speed, visuals, and functionality of your site weigh heavily on their purchase decision.

As such, it is crucial not to let your business website become outdated or slow. As an experienced plumbing, electrical, and HVAC web design agency, our team at Relentless Digital knows which modern web design trends work best for getting home contractors more leads and conversions.

Keep reading to discover how you can transform your home contracting services website to create an attractive, engaging experience for your site visitors.

Top Web Design Trends for 2023

Web designers get more creative every year, combining innovative web technology and artistic design to enhance user experience and website performance. While some industries, such as music, art, and other creative media, go outside the box in terms of website design, contractors should strive for more simplistic yet engaging, design touches.

Below, we list the top 27 web design trends for 2023 that home service contractors can adapt into their websites to impress potential customers.

1. Kinetic Typography

Kinetic typography, which is text that moves, has been a popular trend in the animated opening titles of feature films for decades and has become increasingly common on web pages. Animated text draws the eye of users, enabling you to emphasize certain text.

You can also use kinetic typography to add more visual interest to a web page that mostly has text information, keeping prospective customers engaged with your site.

2. Animated Hero Section

Hero images typically take up a large portion of the top of landing pages and are a go-to web design element for many types of businesses. If you want to stand out from your competition, you can introduce a simple yet elegant animation to your website’s hero section.

Instead of being met with a static picture and text, your website visitors will see a dynamic visual that catches their attention, whether it’s animated text or a video loop.

3. Overlapping Text and Images

Many websites stick to a standard grid format to ensure readability, high page speed, and easy navigation, but bending the rules a little bit by overlapping text and graphics can be a compelling way to help your contracting business stand out from the typical sites you see in your industry.

Your web developers can get a little creative with their graphic design, slightly overlapping images with text to add a visually appealing element to your site design. By mixing text and graphics with the right colors, you can also reinforce your brand identity.

4. Organic Shapes

Geometric shapes like squares, rectangles, and straight lines are a common web design trend, especially for contracting businesses. Depending on your brand or services, you might want to add a touch of the natural world to the feel of your website, which you can do by incorporating organic or fluid shapes.

Organic shapes that emulate hills, trees, raindrops, and rivers can be excellent design choices for businesses related to eco-friendly services, like solar power, air filters, or landscaping.

5. Gamified Web Design

One of the most interesting web design trends to keep your site fresh in 2023 is gamification, which involves adding interactive elements that present a simple challenge to visitors.

An example could be a landscaping website with a straightforward in-browser lawn designing game that allows users to place plants and decorations on a virtual lawn to visualize what they could have when they use the company’s services. Interactive websites like these are much more memorable than the standard web design trends.

6. Hover Animations

The hover animation technique is a common addition to a web designer’s tool belt, but emerging web design trends involve more captivating hover animations. An example would be service or product information boxes that play a video or animation when the user hovers the cursor over them.

These design elements allow users to see products or services without having to navigate to another page but keep your landing page free of visual clutter.

7. 3D Visuals

A compelling web design trend in 2023 is implementing 3D web designs. Ecommerce websites can make use of 3D images or animations to show off products, allowing users to get a more dynamic vision of the items.

This trend can also be a striking way to present your contracting portfolio site, using 3D technology to enable visitors to explore your past work as if they were at the project site.

8. Parallax Scroll Effect

Instead of the typical vertical or horizontal scrolling, the parallax scroll effect creates a more immersive experience when users scroll through your web page. The visual experience involves moving inward or outward in a three-dimensional space, using shifting foreground and background elements to create the effect.

An interior decorator or home remodeling company might use this effect to move users through the inside of a home to show the services they offer, from kitchen cabinet refinishing to bathroom retiling.

9. AR and VR Elements

With the new technology available to many designers these days, it’s possible to create a virtual world on your website. Virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) are growing web design trends, especially for creative design and ecommerce sites.

You can use these interactive elements to allow users to visualize your products or services in their own spaces. For example, a visitor to your site might be able to use their phone’s camera to see what a different paint color would look like on their living room walls.

10. Oversized Typographic Layout

Another of the latest web design trends is the oversized typographic layout, which involves using giant text headings to capture a visitor’s attention. It can give your website the same digital design style as a magazine, which can suit companies that do home remodel design and decorating.

Emphasizing text is a popular minimalist design, allowing you to convey the tone and style of your brand through design decisions like using sans serif font or retro typography.

11. Micro Animations

Micro animations, such as animated images that loop after a few seconds or backgrounds that move slightly, have been one of the most popular web design trends for the past few years. In 2023, however, web designers are thinking about how to use micro animations to create websites that compel users in a more natural way.

If you want to add dynamic content to your website design, micro animations are a great way to accomplish your goals without overwhelming visitors with too many motion elements.

12. Utilizing White Space

One of the most popular website design trends of all time is using negative space to increase the visibility of particular images or text on your website. In 2023, you can utilize this web design trend to stand out from sites that fill their white space with content, causing important elements to get lost in the busy website design.

13. Dark Mode

If your website doesn’t already have the option to toggle dark mode, you should consider adding the feature in 2023. Many users prefer dark-mode web designs to reduce eye strain, so not having the feature could drive a significant number of visitors away.

Implementing dark mode by default can also be a good way to put a spotlight on brighter elements of the page.

14. Smart Video

Most sites utilize videos in some way, but modern web design trends call for more intelligent use of video. Instead of simply embedding YouTube videos on your homepage and hoping users will click the play button, you can have eye-catching, looping videos playing in the background of your hero section or other parts of the page.

Keep in mind that your video content should be interesting and high quality, providing a striking background for your landing pages.

15. Grid Layout

The grid layout is a tried and true web design for companies that want to ensure their site’s information is readable and well-organized. Choosing a grid design is less about standing out and more about creating a website that users to can easily use, which is perfect for businesses that have a wide target audience, including people who aren’t very tech-savvy.

However, just because it’s common doesn’t mean you can’t come up with ways to make the grid unique in some way during the creative process.

16. Chatbots

Artificial intelligence has been exploding in popularity in the past year, and one of the most notable website design trends to come from it is chatbots. When someone visits your website, a customer service chatbot will greet them and check in to see if the visitor has any questions or wants to schedule an appointment.

Chatbots are a time-saving, cost-efficient way to get more bookings for your business. The AI can even collect the visitor’s contact information and add it to your database, allowing you to send email or text promotions to get conversions.

17. Accessibility Features

If your web design lacks accessibility features, you could be severely limiting your reach online since search engines like Google tend to prioritize sites that are accessible to all users, including those with disabilities.

Accessibility features include high color contrast, link outlines for navigation, info labels, and alt tags for images.

18. Micro-Interactions

Micro-interactions are subtle animations that happen when users perform an action, such as clicking a button, scrolling down the page, or hovering over a link. These small feedback interactions can add some personality to your site’s web design, making it feel more fun and professional to use.

An example of a micro-interaction could be a background image that gradually shifts or changes in response to vertical scrolling.

19. Mobile-Friendly Design

Most people these days use their phones to search for information, including products and services they need. When deciding which web design trends to follow, it’s crucial to keep in mind that your website’s mobile experience also needs to be on point.

Your site’s mobile web design should take into account factors like where a user’s thumb can reach when scrolling through your web pages. If your site is hard to read and navigate on mobile, you’re closing your business off from a significant audience.

20. Custom Illustrations

If a web designer uses no-code tools to create your website, such as WordPress, they might use default graphics included in the design software. This method can result in your site looking quite similar to other sites that use those web design tools.

Custom illustrations that showcase your brand are the way to go in 2023, allowing your company to stick out in a flood of same-looking home contracting websites.

21. Data Visualization

If you have impressive data to show off, adding attractive data visualization elements to your site could be a smart web design choice to get more conversions. Interactive data displays allow visitors to see how lucrative your company is in certain areas and explore your history of success, which can be very persuasive for certain audiences.

22. Frosted Glass Effects

Another of the most prominent web design trends recently is the frosted glass effect. It’s similar to gradients, which has been a widely used web design for years but adds another layer of intrigue.

The frosted glass effect involves making an image look as if it’s covered in frosted glass, creating a colorful, gradient-like visual. This effect allows you to incorporate image reveals on your site, which is a common element of engaging, interactive websites.

23. Full-Page Hero Image

A full-page hero image is a bold move, but it can be a highly effective way to force the user’s attention on a particular aspect of your products or services. It acts like a massive billboard for your website, providing only one area for visitors to look.

With this limited design, it’s crucial that what you put in this section is especially engaging, such as a compelling video or an interactive element that showcases what your business offers.

However, you should ensure your site is still easy to navigate and that it’s obvious where visitors can find the information they’re looking for, such as contact information or a list of services.

24. Geometric Shapes

If your business is on the industrial side, geometric shapes are still on-trend when it comes to web design. While art, cosmetics, and clothing brands might go for softer, rounded aesthetics, your website can use geometric lines and shapes to emphasize the neat, logical aspect of your brand.

This type of web design is perfect for companies that provide services like architectural design, mechanical repair, and electrical installation. You can find creative, visually pleasing ways to integrate straight, pointed shapes into your web design without looking like every other contracting site.

25. Smart Content Loading

If your website is slow and clunky to use, not only will people quickly leave to check out the next site, but search engines won’t rank your website high in the search rankings when users search keywords related to your services or products.

A common website design trend to combat this issue is to use smart content loading. This involves tactics like only loading content the user is looking at instead of trying to load the whole website at once, which can slow down the page.

26. Animated Cursors

Animated cursors definitely aren’t new, but they’re coming back in 2023 with the growing Y2K trend. While animated cursors back in the day included animated fireworks or cursors with fire trailing behind them, web design trends and technology have progressed to much more modern styles of animated cursors.

Adding this subtle bit of interactivity can be just the thing to make your website more interesting and memorable to prospective customers.

27. Minimalist Design

Sometimes, simplicity is better than adding all the latest bells and whistles to your website. In the end, your primary goal is to attract users, get them the information they want, and persuade them to choose your company for the services they need.

Minimalism involves having as little on the page as possible, ensuring your website visitors see exactly what you want them to. As a contractor, you can use this web design to emphasize your services in a few words and show off your work with some choice images while avoiding too much sales-y language.

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