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Getting Customer Loyalty Through Social Media—What to Know

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Getting Customer Loyalty Through Social Media

How to gain customer loyalty through social media

More often than not, the time and money spent attracting new customers versus retaining current customers are a lot higher. In fact, some have said that it has cost as much as five times more to get new customers on board! 

This is just one of the many reasons why brand loyalty is one of the most important goals to achieve for any business in the home service industry. After all, in the long run, it is not new customers that will help a company achieve success, but loyal customers who keep coming back to pay for products and services.

If you’re looking for ways to ensure that the customers who try your services remain loyal to what you do and have to offer, then the best place to start is on social media! Social media platforms have been the go-to place for people to communicate, find information, and even look at products and services. Such platforms serve as a hub to connect people—and for businesses, this means connecting to the audience!

If you plan on managing your social media accounts to promote brand loyalty, then here are a few things you can do:

1. Always be responsive

 Social media is all about communication, and when someone comments on any of your business posts, it is more than likely a question or some type of feedback. Regardless of what they wrote, you should be responding to them, whether replying to them in the comment section or directly messaging them. 

While it is understandable that it is quite impossible to respond to every inquiry promptly, you must still do your best to respond to as many as possible! This is important because when you are responsive to your audience, you keep them engaged with your brand. At the same time, you show them that you care! This leads to an increase in trust that your customers will have in your brand—which then leads to brand loyalty.

2. Talk about your values

People tend to connect to other people that share the same beliefs or values—and the same can be said between a company and its audience. 

Customers are actively looking for businesses that share their values, and for that reason, you must share what your values are. In social media, you can create posts, share content, run events, and do many other activities that showcase what you genuinely believe in. For instance, if you stand with a sustainable and environmentally-friendly way of doing business, then you can share an infographic showing how much you have reduced wastage in your business process. 

Keep in mind that you must never lie about what you believe in. Do not say what you think will attract people. Only say what is true to you! Customers are not blind to what you do, and they will figure out whether what you are saying is true.

3. Keep your audience updated

 Customers always want to be updated and knowledgeable about what you are doing as a business. For example, they may want to know the processes that turn your raw materials into a finished product or want to understand how your employees feel working for you. 

To showcase all of these, you can create videos taking your customers behind the scenes of the products they love and care about. In doing so, you become much more transparent and open to your customers about your activities. This is something many customers value in a company, as when you are open to them, they become much more willing to put their trust in what you have to offer. 

In addition to that, when you show your ‘behind-the-scenes’ footage, your business looks more humanized in the eyes of your consumers! This is extremely attractive to customers because when you show that you are still human, they get to understand that you know what they need to solve their problems. In other words, they can connect better to you, knowing you are just another human being looking out for other people!

4. Retarget interested individuals

 Sometimes, some customers are genuinely interested in your brand. However, they simply forget about you because they get caught up with other things. 

Regardless of what happened, you must identify who exactly showed interest in what you have to offer. With this information, you can employ retargeting—a strategy wherein you give them an incentive to come back to complete a purchase. Retargeting can be anything from offering limited promos specific to the individual or simply reminding them of their past activities.

 While retargeting is effective at getting customers to come back, it also does something else positive for your business. Retargeting essentially reminds your customers about your brand! This ensures that your brand stays on top of their mind, increasing the likelihood that they will continue working with you and becoming loyal to your brand.

5. Like and share your user’s content

 Quite often, customers will come up with their content regarding a company’s products or services. It can be anything, whether it’s through videos, photos, or even written content. 

As a company, your job is to share these for one main reason: trust-building. As much as you would like people to trust what you have to say about your brand, customers are much more likely to trust what other customers have to say about you. Essentially, when you share user-generated content, what you are doing is sharing the posts that other people have made about you. People will be far more inclined to trust other people’s opinions, which then leads to trust you. 

 In other words, go ahead and put effort into sharing user-generated content. It will attract other customers to your business, and it will also lighten the load on how much content you have to publish by yourself.


With social media platforms at your reigns, you can utilize these strategies to promote brand loyalty to ensure your company’s success in the long run. That being said, while retaining customers is much cheaper than finding new customers, we are not saying you should completely ignore growing your customer base! These two must work hand-in-hand to expand and retain the loyalty of your client base—from which you can keep your business heading towards success.

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