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Google Updates Post Feature – What this means

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Google Updates Post Feature

Google my Business Posts feature gets upgrade

Hey, everyone, got an update to share with you today. This is something I just ran across through a blog article from BrightLocal and it’s kind of big news as far as if any of you guys do your own Google posts, meaning in your Google my business section, you set your own posts, which is something that we do regularly for clients.

We set a couple a week. Normally those posts and those photos are only good for seven days and then they would expire and then you would have to create some new content.

And I did verify this and this is the example I just did, plumber near me, and pulled up a Roto-Rooter and as you can see, as you scroll down here in these listings, you can actually go back quite a bit and see these posts.

Honestly, it looks like they can go back probably as far as any of these posts, which is a pretty big update for Google.

So instead of trying to make sure you keep one post a week, you can focus on the quality of that post because now that post will live there forever instead of every seven days and then having to create new content and get content fatigue, if you will.

So I would think, at least in my opinion, what you guys should be focusing on here, since these live forever is creating small, short 15, 30, 45 second videos and uploading them here because now they will stay there.

If you have any client testimonial videos, this would be a great thing to put here, along with the description of what that person is talking about. So just wanted to send you guys this update today.

Hopefully this is helpful and I will talk to you next time.

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