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Tips to improve your customer retention

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Improve Your Customer Retention

Improve your customer retention strategy with these tips.

Today, we are focusing on something that I think does not get a lot of attention and that is your customer retention strategy. We spend so much money and time and effort going after new clients, going after that big, shiny object, like, “Hey, we want to go get install leads. 

We want to go get this. We want to go get that,” but what we forget is that the people who have already hired us, have already paid us for a service or left us a review, are the most important customers you have.

Think of it this way. What is the most hated, maybe not the most hated. Maybe that’s a strong word. 

What is the most disliked industry that you can think of? 

Think of a company that you work with, who usually raises the rates after you’ve been a customer for a year or two?

Hopefully that an answer pops into your head and most of you would be your cable company. Now I know not everyone has a cable company anymore. A lot of people have cut the cord. However, think of their business strategy. 

Their business strategy was always focused on new customers and what would they do? They would bring new customers in. 

They give you a super cheap rate. They’d lock you up for a year or two and what happened after that year or two contract? All of a sudden your prices would go up, right? And then you’d have to play the game. 

You’d have to call. You’d have to try to get the rate down. I’m going to switch. You play the game, which gets very irritating as a consumer, especially if you’ve paid them a couple thousand dollars over the last couple of years.

Don’t be like the cable companies. Don’t give all your best promotions to new customers. All you’re going to do is end up alienating your existing base. Once you have a customer, make sure you stay in front of them. 

That can be something as simple as making a video like I’m doing now. It could be something, email strategy, direct mail strategy, social media strategy, all of these things combined together to create an ecosystem where your customers always hear about you. 

And for us, that is how we have grown our HVAC company. That is how I continue to push and try to promote and grow other people’s service businesses and it’s something that is not talked about enough.

Hopefully, I shouldn’t say hopefully. If anyone wants to brainstorm and go through scenarios or maybe some strategies, or maybe just have a, heck, we can even put together a group where we have some strategy sessions on how we maintain and grow that existing customer base, because those are the people that are going to give you the best and most referrals.

 So, hopefully some of this resonates with you and if you guys are not doing this, leave a comment below. Let’s start a thread and let’s start talking about ways that you can continue to promote your business to your existing customer base.  

I hope this was helpful. If it was, go down to bottom right-hand side of your screen, like the video, subscribe to my channel, and then also click the bell icon, so the next time that you see a video from me, you’ll get notified right away. Thank you very much for watching and until next time, stay relentless.