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Why Social Media Marketing?

We are currently in the social media golden age. With the advent of smartphone-based internet and the explosion of social media applications, your business can now connect with potential clients and customers on an unprecedented level.

With over 200 million users on Facebook, and over 1 billion users on all the other well-known social media sites like Twitter, Instagram and YouTube, your business can reach out to a massive market of people. Social networks are the biggest source of inspiration for consumer purchases with 37% of consumers finding purchase inspiration through the channel. However, it is only possible if you choose the right kind of social media marketing according to your business. At Relentless Digital, we are here to help you do just that!

The Right Social Media Marketing

A great way to develop a customer base on social media is to create a page for your business on various platforms. You can give your page a proper title and description, but the important thing is to have exciting content on it. You can share interesting facts about your business, post promotions, or deal announcements, or you can share product pictures and videos. You can also add a location pin for your store if you have one. You must interact with your followers regularly so they don’t forget about your page. Our experts at social media marketing will cover all this efficiently, ensuring you get good returns and conversions from your page, without you going through many headaches.

Management of social media pages to ensure regular engagement and maintenance of quality content can be a hectic task.

Our experts at Relentless Digital have devised multiple ways to make a remarkable presence of your company on all social media platforms.

It could be reaching a certain number of followers, getting leads achieved from ads on social media pages, and more.

We analyze the age group, the geographical, and all other factors to find out your target audience.

Reach – How many people look at your page and how often do they visit? How do you compare to other watch stores and merchants? What can you do    to improve your reach and make more people visit your page? All this is determined by your ‘reach’ and it is a continuous process to build on. If           you’re looking to increase your reach, you should start by creating unique content specific to your market.


Clicks – How many people visit your page and how many clicks do you receive on average? Link clicks are important in understanding the audience behaviour in your marketing funnel. It gives us knowledge about what best attracts the public and convinces them to buy a product.


Engagement – How active are your followers on social media? How do they compare to other merchants and pages in your niche? Entertain and interact with your followers, this is a great way to increase likes on your page, thus building a bigger audience. This sheds light on how well your audience perceives you and their willingness to interact.


Hashtag performance – How effective is your hashtag when you post on social media? Hashtags are a good way of reaching out to more than just fixed followers or customers. Remembering what hashtags get the most reach and impressions can help you shape the focus of your content going forward.

On your page there should be lots of posts because it keeps your page interesting to people. Some of the posts are from people you follow, this is helping you grow your community. Good quality photos, videos, themes, designs help you reach a wider audience.

Social media sites observe scaling public traffic during different intervals of the day. A particular app might have the most number of users during one hour of the day and the next hour it is a different site with more traffic. This changes according to weekdays as well. The proper study of this helps not only to grab the most attention on your posts but also enables much more interaction.

Keeping a regular track of all the above helps you assess your weak and strong selling points and thus helps you understand the best way to grow your pages to increase your customers.

Advantages of Social Media Marketing in Your Business

  • Increases sales, leads, and more purchasers.
  • Forever expanding reach
  • Builds up your sales and in turn, promotes your brand name.
  • Enables you to directly communicate with customers, thus giving a platform for regular feedback. It gives timely and valuable customer service.
  • Cost-effective and affordable – It costs nothing to advertise about a product your company sells. However, the option of paid advertisements gets you help from the social media site itself to boost your reach.
  • It can also be used as a medium to divert the user traffic to the company website or blog.
  • Helps you study customer choices, behaviour, and decisions regularly.

The Growth in Social Media Marketing

We often come across this question. In the world of social media, is email marketing still effective? You’re probably wondering this too. Let’s sort this out with some numbers.

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B2B Buyers rely on recommendations and review sites.

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Customers look for companies to offer customer service through their social media

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Look for information about your business on social media. Social media management has become the new customer service.

$ Billion

Amount spent by marketers on social media advertising and marketing in 2020. Social media is where your audience is, and all your competitors know it.

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Customers prefer having all their business interactions without human interaction and this is where social media marketing comes into play.

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