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Google My Business SEO Services

Fact: 50 percent of people visit a store within a day of making a local search on their smartphone.

This lays a very strong foundation for the need for local SEO for your business. If you do not rank amongst the top search results, then all your efforts to promote and sell your brand go in vain.

The equation is simple

If you wish to attract more local customers to your business, invest in Google My Business SEO. However, GMBs do not yield the best results unless used in compliance with a well-curated strategy. That’s exactly what we do for you!

What Is Google My Business?

As a business owner, it’s your job to make the relevant information available to your customers at all times. With the yellow pages going out of fashion, a google search is the most trusted source of information amongst the millennials. A majority of customers today lookup for the business or brand online before buying their products. In the process, they read about the business, their services, locations, photos, reviews, etc. before making up their mind. Isn’t that exhausting?

A curious customer finds all of this on your website. However, this information when conveyed via google’s top search results builds a certain trust amongst them. Google My Business indexes the content you provide for consistency across Google Search and Maps. In simpler words, when customers search for you, it’ll be ready for them or like yellow pages would say, “at their fingertips”.

GMB is much more than just an online telephone directory. Upon using correctly, Google My Business is a powerful tool capable of increasing your revenue and providing valuable insights about your customers’ behavior. A series of curated content with a well-devised strategy can result in a significant spike in your business’s sales. At Relentless Digital, the testimonies of our customers say more than enough about why we are the best for this job!

Why Does Your Business Need Our GMB Ranking Service?

Why Do You Need Us?

  • According to Net Market share, about 80% of all searches take place on Google and there are 3.5 billion searches per day and this number is increasing as you continue reading.
  • A study showed, the number of click-throughs for each Google search result and they exponentially decreased on page two, meaning if you aren’t listed on page one, it’s presumable that you won’t be noticed at all.
  • Although there are multiple ways of getting your business listed on the first page of Google, Google My Business stands out as an incredibly valuable and easy to use choice.
  • It’s a free tool by Google useful in locating businesses.
  • GMB is responsible for driving 80% of the local targeted traffic to neighborhood businesses.
  • Display relevant business information.
  • Interact with potential customers and manage your online review reputation
  • Curate customer photos, videos, and other user-generated content
  • Gather insights about your customers
  • Timely scheduled postings so that even in your busiest hours, you do not have a dry run online.

SEO is completely scalable, in the sense, you can adjust your campaign in accordance with the growth of the campaign. Paid media does not work that way. Although it can generate impressions and boost the brand name, ad blindness is a real consequence. According to Forbes, Americans are inundated with 4,000 to 10,000 paid ads every single day, and it’s no secret that they start to filter them out eventually.

Not everyone with a shovel can mine gold. It requires the proper tools and an expert user. GMB is that tool for your gold, and we are the experts. We formulate, review and optimize GMB profiles with our comprehensive approach while you cater to the new quality leads.

What is it that we see and you don’t during the review process?

  • We do a thorough study of your business and industry to estimate your business potential. This gives us a better understanding of the market and the prospects to target.
  • Not only do we ensure that your information is factually correct but we also make sure of its relevance and usefulness in maximizing your visibility in Google Searches by optimizing Google My Business profile.
  • Keywords are very essential in determining your position on the Results page. We continuously verify and improve the keywords you’ve been using and evaluate their performance. Adding keywords helps Google better understand your listing and its relevance to nearby shoppers.
  • We study the completeness of your GMB profile, fill in the missing blanks and improve the filled ones to optimize your profile.
  • Customer interaction is the most integral part of any business and we help you with that as well. We monitor the reviews on your listings and respond to them on a bi-monthly basis. Managing your reviews allows you to have more control over how your audience perceives your business.
  • Google allows you to post content that appears under your listings when people search for you. By adding posts to your Google My Business listing, you will catch your audience’s attention and get them to engage with your content. We post regular updates for your business to make your listing appear fresh.

Why Relentless Digital?

We offer a wide range of services to meet every type of need.

Anyone can use Google My Business and especially after reading these tips, can become a self-styled expert. What makes us special is, we have a specialized team of experts with a lot of experience and numerous satisfied clients. This team will advise you devise a strategy that’ll help your business become noticed and get your business booming in no time.

Although, if you don’t have time and would rather have us manage the entire campaign, we completely understand and for a few extra bucks, we are happy to do so as well.

Is your digital presence ready? If not then, Contact us to watch as we optimize your listing and drive shoppers into your store.