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Why Google Posts and Gathering reviews matter

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Google Posts And Gathering Reviews Matter

How does Google use posts in local searches?

Hey guys, back with another update for you. This update pertains to Google and how they pull information in the map pack and what it means for you and what you should be doing in order to have a better shot at converting that traffic. So here’s a listing or a search engine result from just a basic search term. Very common search term this time of year for us, especially with the super cold weather we’re having. 

But as you can see here, so this information they’re pulling from, this is actually one of the posts that we made. They’re pulling… What is that? About 75, 80 characters from that post. And they’re trying to take the most relevant information inside that post and put it on. So that way somebody can see, hey, best HVAC repair. That’s only going to help us convert more traffic. And that’s some of the reasons we do so well on Google My Business is because we have all these different things in place, right?

How do reviews play a part in what prospects see in Google Maps?

And obviously the more reviews you have, you can see right here, this is a review from a homeowner for Carroll’s Ozaukee heating. This is the type of information that Google collects. And as you can see, if we click a little deeper into this and look at some of these reviews, look at what happens to these reviews is what people are saying about your company actually shows up in bold. And what I believe is you can look, it’s about the same length of the result that they took on the previous page. This is the little snippet is what it’s called that they’re putting underneath of different search terms. So you can see that they’re using this information. I don’t know if I can click in here a little bit deeper, see a little bit more.

Why attributes inside your GMB profile are important

But the other thing that they do with these is, Google with reviews, has also allowed people to select different attributes about the company. And these attributes will help show up again. So if somebody types in professional HVAC company or quality HVAC company, best HVAC company, et cetera, et cetera, this is the type of information that’s going to show up and help you convert more traffic. So this is why it’s so important to get reviews. It’s not the number of reviews, it’s the quality of the reviews that’s important. So how you go about getting quality reviews is you need to ask and you need to ask in a way that homeowners know this is super important for your company.
So you need to make it more heartfelt, more about the technician that was out there, because homeowners are more likely to leave a detailed review about a technician or a service that a person provided them than the company itself, because the company is something.. That’s human connection, right? So hopefully, this information was very helpful to you. If it was helpful, I have a few requests. Please like the video, subscribe to my channel. And then also, if you could share this video with somebody, I would really appreciate that as I’m trying to grow my presence in my digital marketing company as well. So feel free to ask any questions, drop them in the comments below, and I will see you next time.