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YouTube Marketing Services

YouTube is the second most visited site after Google. It is not just a go-to destination for video content, it is also used as a platform to advertise content via visual means. Whenever a user needs information about how to use a product or how to get hold of it, YouTube is the first place one looks into.

Advertisers have always known that the key to any success is to take their message to where the customers are. There are now two billion unique YouTube users every month, making it one of the biggest social media platforms. Thus, now it is all the more important to use this site as a part of your online marketing strategy, regardless of your industry or niche. This is why it is good business sense to utilize advertising methods and options available through the platform.

What Is YouTube Marketing?

With thousands of users being online every minute on YouTube, it is a good platform to expand your business. YouTube marketing is the practice of expanding your business by promoting it and your products on YouTube, by uploading interesting videos on a Company’s YouTube channel or using YouTube ads.

What makes YouTube marketing a smart choice?

Depending upon the stage your business is in, these are a few examples of the kind of content we offer as a part of our service package:

  • YouTube is the second most visited website in the world after Google.
  • Two billion people log in to YouTube every month; that is almost one-third of the world’s population.
  • 68% of YouTube users state that videos on the products help them make a purchasing decision.
  • The number of small to middle-sized businesses on YouTube has doubled over the last two years.
  • Following Netflix, YouTube is also the second most preferred platform for viewing videos on television screens among 18-34-year-olds.
  • The YouTube platform attains global reach as users can access it in eighty various languages. Moreover, it has even launched local versions of the platform in over a hundred countries.
  • The average YouTube user spends about eleven minutes and fifty seconds on the platform every day and views about six thousand, seven hundred and forty pages on the website, suggesting high levels of activity.
  • When it comes to paid social advertisements, YouTube is the third most popular platform among marketers with around 48% of them investing in it.

After seeing these statistics, it should come as no surprise that more and more businesses are including YouTube as a part of their digital marketing strategy. This is partly because it is an insanely fast-growing platform, and party. After all, videos are an extremely powerful medium with which we can connect to our users. At Relentless digital, we help our customers optimize their business with the help of the proper usages of the platform. With the help of our efficient and highly proficient technicians, we assure you to make your business prosper with leaps and bounds.

YouTube Marketing - Relentless Digital

Why Should You Choose Relentless Digital For YouTube Marketing?

Reaching a New Audience

In case your business organization does not have a YouTube channel, by starting one you will be establishing your business to an entirely new, active and enthusiastic audience. Relentless Digital will help you reach out to billions of people who use the platform and will benefit from using your organization. While your website helps you to connect with users, YouTube offers a platform for users to have a visual experience and enhance the user-buyer connection.

The Search Engine Optimization Boost

Since Google owns YouTube and it is the most frequently used search engine, YouTube gets preferential treatment when it comes to the search engine ranking system. At relentless digital, we boost the traffic of your page by liking it with a YouTube profile. A YouTube channel has a higher tendency to have a higher ranking than your normal website.

Community Engagement

The chance to build a channel on YouTube is a chance to build a community. When people like what you publish, they will subscribe to your channel to keep a track of your latest videos. That manifests an online community, which represents a large group of people that like what you and your business organization do. In Relentless Digital, we help you to build trust, advocacy, credibility, and loyalty around your brand via your YouTube channel.

What Are the Different Ways to Advertise on Youtube?

They appear to the right of the feature video and also above the video suggestion list.

They are semi-opaque ads that overlay a video. They cover a one-fifth portion of your video and have an option to remove it.

They appear before, during, and after video content. They take up the entirety of the video box but have a countdown timer that generates a button you can click to skip the ad. 

Viewers must watch these video ads before the feature video can be viewed. These videos are short and typically only last a few seconds.

These ads cannot be skipped and playing them entirely is mandatory. They can last thirty seconds or longer.

These ads last up to six seconds in time. They must be watched before someone can view the feature video. These video ads get straight to the point and get the message across quickly, being direct and short.

These cards display information that may are somehow related to your videos. You can run ads to feature products that are about to appear in your ad video. It gives your audience a sample card of the product for a few seconds, which can get them to engage longer.

Marketing Strategies used at Relentless Digital

Key Marketing Strategies used at Relentless Digital

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